Airlords of Airia - Steampunk Sci-Fi Short Film HD


Steampunk Fantasy Sci-Fi short film trailer AIRLORDS OF AIRIA. Please spread and share, if you would like to see a feature film or series one day. http://www.airlords.eu
Music by Kai Hartwig http://www.hartwigmedia.com
Airlord Karak, admiral of a fleet of airships, discovered a powerful ancient weapon on an expedition. After he conquered the Wodnik 7 naval base, he plots to seize power of the Airia Republic and drag the entire continent into war. Lura the chief of police joins forces with a gang of smugglers in order to thwart the power-hungry admiral's plans.

AIRLORDS OF AIRIA is a fast-paced mix of science fiction, fantasy and steampunk elements. The viewer is led into a fantasy world where many unknown lands, cultures and life forms are still to be discovered, and every day holds a new adventure.
AIRLORDS OF AIRIA is a feature film Project. An elaborate 10-minute special was produced with amateur actors in order to give you a taste into the world of Airlords.

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this was rad. Enjoyed it
9 years ago
stunning !! imho all that english language dubbing was not neccessary. Still, gr8 execution ;)
9 years ago